WIFFLEFIST was a collective of experimental audio and visual artists that crept into the North Carolina music scene in 1990. We churned out a few homegrown physical media releases on CD, vinyl and cassette (plus quite a few live performances) before becoming mostly inactive by the late 1990s.

2020 marks the 30th anniversary of this shortlived creative entity & the Dec. 1990 release of our very first offering titled "A Wifflefist Compilation", which was available in very limited edition on cassette tape only (including a 7" x 7" booklet).

More will be added to this site in the coming months. Got any photos, video, or audio of WIFFLEFIST events? If so, please contact us.
L - A - T - E - S - T - -- N - E - W - S
Updated 12.4.20


New on Bandcamp: 1994 Live REPETOPHILE Christmas radio performance. Need holiday gifts? Try our WIFFLEFIST.com store: Vintage records, tapes, CDs, WIFFLEFIST logo shirts, etc.

Need more noise? Dig these additional vintage holiday themed tracks from our Bandcamp site:

Beatless "Belles" from "Typical Fear Stimulus"

Krapper Keeper "Who's Gonna Barf This Xmas? (Live)" (Previously Unreleased)

New Items in WIFFLEFIST Store

We've searched our archives and have added lots more merch to the WIFFLEFIST store - many VINTAGE items which are long out of print and certainly hard-to-find these days. We have a VERY limited number of each item available, often 5 or less.

Need the DEBUT compilation cassette...or maybe the highly coveted WIFFLEFIST GEEK BOX?
Get yours now! Thanks in advance for your support.



Our Official WIFFLEFIST YouTube page link has been added to the navigation bar on this site, leading you to ancient visual evidence of what we are to blame for. Noise and hijinx!

See early REPETOPHILE performances, interviews of WIFFLEFIST bands... and more!

We are actively searching for video of WIFFLEFIST bands, events, etc...so please contact us if you have a lead on anything.


Most everything that was ever recorded on the WIFFLEFIST label is NOW AVAILABLE on BANDCAMP.COM!

Thanks to Ian Shannon, longtime WIFFLEFIST veteran, for his tireless efforts in rescuing these audio gems from a variety of ancient media in order to present them to the public on our 30th anniversary.

This represents many months of work & research. DIG IN and enjoy!

WIFFLEFIST 30th Anniversary

The year 2020 marks THIRTY YEARS since our initial 'A Wifflefist Compilation' cassette only release was unleashed upon an unsuspecting NC music scene.

We're celebrating by posting our image archives here & creating a Bandcamp.com page for tons of WIFFLEFIST audio projects from way back when.

You can now pre-order the classic WIFFLEFIST logo T-Shirt, so keep checking this site for news on that.

SILICA-GEL Deluxe Vinyl 2016

Silica-Gel's "50) Noisy Children Party" album Re-Issued in 2016 as a deluxe DOUBLE VINYL LP!
(Originally released in 1993 on CD only)

Deluxe Limited Edition of 500 Numbered Copies.

180g Colored Vinyl

Bonus Tracks & Gatefold Cover

Inner sleeves each rubber-stamped by hand.


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